I like the Marvel Value Stamps!  
     I read in one of the old letters columns, that if you send in stamps #1-100, that Marvel would send you a "Marvel Value Stamp - Stamp Book".
     I've looked, but I have never seen one.
     With the "Comics Code" gone, and horror in full effect, Marvel decided to turn Tigra in a Were-Wolf,   err ... I mean a "Were-Woman"!
     This small piece of art was used to promote her new look.

HULK #287 - Layouts SAL BUSCEMA, Finishes CHIC STONE
     So often, people only remember the covers of comics.  There is cool artwork in almost EVERY comic.  My collection has become bloated.  Over the last couple years I have been trimming the fat.  
     As I put issues I no longer have space for on eBay, I read them one last time before we part ways. 
     Upon reading these issues that I've had in my possession for years, (and in some cases, decades) I find it hard to part with them.  
     Even in these lesser known issues, there is great art and awesome moments in comic book history.  
     They all have VALUE to me!  The characters, the stories, and memories from where I was when I bought them come flooding back.  
     Though difficult, I must let go.  So, I don't entirely forget, I decided to scan and post some neat images from these books.

Capt. Savage #7 featuring a tale of ace pilot BEN GRIMM
Cover by Barry Windsor-Smith
      Not only do I start my auctions super cheap, for this one I put "KITTY PRYDE - BONDAGE" in the header.  
     I am still surprised no perverts stepped up to grab it.


Astonishing Tales #24 - Art by Dick Ayers and Larry Lieber - Fin Fang Foom vs. IT! the Living Colossus
Machine Man #3 - Art by JACK KIRBY