With the X-Men stuck in the land of reprints until 1975, Magneto needs to find new heroes to toy with.  He goes after a different "Uncanny" group this time.  THE INHUMANS!  
     Our cover depicts the master of magnetism leading a gruesome army.  He is directing them towards foes in wait, a level below.  Black Bolt is bound and gagged but his loyal followers and devoted wife plan to defend.  Medusa has a strand of her hair coiled about the arm of an unaware Magneto.
     Gerry Conway scripts this 'Amazing Adventure'.  The art for issue #9 is provided by Mike Sekowsky and Bill Everett.  The interior also credits this as the first FULL LENGTH Inhumans story.
     We open the comic to find our heroes in dire circumstance.  Huddled into a small space, three of the Inhumans are hiding: Karnak, Gorgon, and Medusa..
     Gorgon begins to complain but is quickly halted when he notices three hovering lights in the distance.  He tells his friends to 'LOOK'!  Karnak, doesn't bother to look as he is depressed.  The fact that they are still in San Francisco is a bitter reminder of their failure.  What failure you ask?  Black Bolt, their king, is missing!  They need to find him so they can return to their land and defeat MAD MAXIMUS.........
     Medusa immediately reveals herself as the den mother as she keeps peace among them.  Gorgon insists Karnak have a look at the sky.  Karnak instantly recognizes the lights.  It's the TRIKON!  And, it could very well mean the end of The Inhumans.  Shhhhhh!  Medusa hears footsteps behind them.  Hide better guys!

     Scrunched in to an even more pressing hiding spot, the Inhumans are less satisfied with life.  Even Medusa is pushed to the brink mentally.  "Why did I leave the FRIGHTFUL FOUR", she wonders?  But, the passion of her heart confirms her motivations.  Black Bolt is her true love and she must find him.
     Suddenly, a military type group bursts in to the room.  They are equipped with guns and though they look mean, they are also ugly.  The first to enter is a deformed, clairvoyant scout named "MOONEYE".  (Here is where I would like to see the hiring process at some of these minion facilities.  Mooneye clearly should be in charge here, yet his deformation puts him in frontline of attack.)
     Upon entering the room, Mooneye immediately informs the leader as to what the situation entails.  "Carefully, they stalk above", says Mooneye.  The leader clumsily replies, "Above?  Speak more clearly.  Not all share your clairvoyant powers."  
     Dude.  He just told you.  Be careful.  They stalk above.  Look up or something.  Then, Mooneye shouts, "Leader! Beware!"  And, yet again they deny even while Medusa wraps her hair around their weapons.  This gives her plenty of time to take down everyone in the room.  She looks good while doing it too!  What a nicely designed costume.
     Two others in the ugly department try and flank her, but Gorgon uses his animal legs and gives them some mighty HOOF action!


       Mooneye panics.  Karnak is still hiding above.  He descends on the clairvoyant soldier and beats him down with karate chops and brutal kicks.  Karnak beats him up some more.  Medusa tells him to be careful and Gorgon tells him to leave him awake for questioning.  
     It took years of discipline to learn the techniques known to Karnak. He DOES NOT use that discipline here as he hits Mooneye one more time with a punishing blow.  Neither careful, nor awake.

     Surprised by his interesting looks, Medusa can still get some answers from the creature.  As she opens her mind, an actual darkness covers her eyes.  SCARY!
     She tells Karnak that, "It's Strong" but she can see Black Bolt and Destruction!  
From here the scene cuts to:  BLACK BOLT!

     Black Bolt has amnesia.  He's in a diner.  He looks weird.  He is wearing a regular suit and he's hanging out with a little kid.  Awww, man.  If there is one thing I hate, it's little side kick kids or teens in comics and movies.  Black Bolt is out and about in the real world and he is experiencing earthly things for the first time.  
     This kid Joey gives Black Bolt a scorching cup of coffee.  After burning his lip the Inhuman storms out of the shop in hopes of not killing everyone with his powerful voice.  (Remember!  Even a whisper from the mighty Blackbolt can cause mass destruction.)
     Just outside the coffee shop, Joey apologizes.  Before Black Bolt can respond, they are AMBUSHED!
Joey is left face down in the dirt.  When Black Bolt awakes, he is strapped to a chair.  More curious, he is now wearing his costume.  Then, we hear "KLIK".  A contraption slaps over his head and covers his mouth.  Who could be responsible for all this?

     It's MAGNETO!  We find out that the deformed beings are actually MUTANTS that he has created.  Magneto tries to break Black Bolt.  He intends to control Black Bolt for uses of his own.  Interestingly, he also informs Black Bolt that is was he who got his costume.  Hmmm.  Did he put it on Black Bolt as well?  Already the Inhuman's mind must be reeling.  Has Magneto's torture techniques already begun?

     The other Inhumans are using Mooneye to lead them to Black Bolt's whereabouts.  They have to go out in public so they will need disguises.  Since they are in San Francisco, they don "colorful garb" to help blend in.  Karnak wears a green turban.  Gorgon buttons up a colored shirt.  And, the one who needs to be kept secret the most; the mutant clairvoyant, is not given anything at all.
     Mooneye leads them to sewer that leads to Magneto's lair.  Karnak smacks Mooneye in the head again and they leave him behind.

Magneto tells Blackbolt of how he escaped!
     When we get back to Magneto, we have an editor's footnote waiting for us.  However, it's incorrect!  One of the mutants encourages Magneto to tell Black Bolt about how he escaped from Reed Richard's confines.  Stan Lee lets us know that the action took place in Fantastic Four #101.  However, Stan the Man meant to clue us in to issue #104.  It is in that issue that Reed Richards traps Magneto in a plastic prison.
     Back in his lair, Magneto is excited to tell Black Bolt about his new powers.  And, of his own escape, Magneto says, "I too am impressed."

     Unable to break free from the plastic prison Magneto is stuck.  Even the guards wear special suits so Magneto can not control their bodily minerals.  (Very Cool!)  
     That's when Magnus realized what he must do.  It's time to learn ZEN and YOGA!
     Magneto boasts about a new power he developed.  "A power previously unknown, untapped."
Making himself a projectile by using power within, he blasts out of the fantastic detention center.  

     The Inhumans are now close.  Medusa takes out a guard.  The Inhumans begin to fight a whole bunch of guards right in front of the bound Black Bolt.  Medusa and her lover make eye contact and immediately the amnesia is gone.
     Once Magneto steps in, the fight ends quickly.  He zaps Gorgon and Medusa while Karnak is overwhelmed by deformed mutants.  All looks grim.
     The final panel is a glimmer of hope!  In a dark alley we see stirring.  It's Joey!  Oh no ...  This kid better not somehow find Magneto's lair and save the Inhumans.  That will just be dumb. 

     The story was really fun!  The pacing was quick and it was great seeing Magneto and his goons take on the Inhumans.
I can't wait to see how they get out of this jam in the next issue.

     Magneto looks sinister as he helps introduce one of the scariest covers ever!  The giant man monster in the background is absolutely disgusting as half of it's  brain protrudes.  I am not sure if the Inhumans can escape this after all.
     Peril is about.  Each Inhuman is held by a specific contraption.  Poor Medusa has the worst fate.  Magneto has given her a drug to melt her will.  

     Magneto creates a new monster mutant.  It looks less scary than it did on the cover.  It is a giant gorilla beast with a large alien-brain head.  This creature has the ability to drain Black Bolt's will, forcing him to work for Magneto.  The beast shoots beams from it's eyes into the mind of Blackbolt as his pals are forced to watch.
     Magneto gives directions to his new toy and the captive Inhumans are dismayed.  While the inhumans are put into a joint cell, Magneto, Black Bolt and the Gorilla-Beast-Mutant go for trip with some soldiers.

     We again see Joey.  The kid from last issue.  He staggers from the alley.  Weird!  It's the three blinky lights from issue #9.  The TRIKON.  They cruise by and pick up Joey. Hmph!  What's going on?
     Back at the prison, Medusa does what her pals cannot.  She strikes a super hot sexy pose and seduces a guard.  A fight ensues as the Inhumans free themselves.
     Meanwhile, Magneto and Black Bolt invade a government research facility.  Black Bolt yells causing chaos.  Military personnel go flying through the air and much of the site is wrecked.  Once inside, Black Bolt's taks become more menial.  Black Bolt is assigned to twist a dial while Magneto retrieves a very rare element.  
     We see Black Bolt make a mean face as he disapproves of Magneto's thievery.  That's weird?  I thought he was being ... mind controlled.

     With everyone beat up, the three Inhumans go outside.  The see a flying vehicle go past.  It's Magneto!  He's returning.
     Magneto once again gloats about his escape from Reed's plastic prison and it is at that moment when Black Bolt punches him in the face.  
     He really wasn't mind controlled!  He played along the whole time!  Why did he wait so long?  It looked as if some of those military people got hurt.  Oh well.
     The jet-chopter crashes and the other Inhumans converge on the site.  Black Bolt won't use his voice here.  Not with his friends so close.  Time for fists!
     Magneto casually tries to walk past the three Inhumans not in combat with the Gorilla-Brain-Beast.  He has work to do with his UNIVERSE MACHINE.  Karnak chops and kicks Magneto.
     With his friends out of the picture, Black Bolt can now use his voice.  No, he does not say anything.  This time, he sings!  It is the Ballad of Destruction, Siva's song.  The Brain-Mutant is dead.

     Magneto awakes.  We hear a KLIK, and then witness an explosion.  Magneto is gone!  He ignited his rare element causing another clever escape.

     Medusa strikes another pose as the victorious Inhumans stand amongst the wreckage.

     The tale ends by letting us know that the Inhumans will next try and reclaim their land and defeat MAD MAXIMUS!  Not really an editor's note, but Marvel advises us to pick up AVEGNERS #95 in order to learn what happens. 
     I can't help but wonder what is going on with Joey and the TRIKON.  I am so glad I was wrong about him possibly saving the Inhumans.

     The tale is not quite over as the Inhumans have a tough time filling up an entire comic.  The last five  pages or so contain an Inhumans ORIGIN tale by STAN LEE and JACK KIRBY.
     During dawn of man, there was one super advanced race.  They fled and created Atlantis.  Randac as the leader tries the TERROGEN MIST and becomes the first ancestor of the Inhumans. 

     These two issues of AMAZING ADVENTURES  were absolutely a blast to read.  Strange at points, with cool action and excitement throughout!  

     AMAZING ADVENTURES issue #11 is a key marvel comic as it's the first time we see BEAST in furry form.