I was never a HUGE fan of Marvel TEAM-UP.  So, when I impulsively bought an eBay lot of SUPER-VILLAIN Team-Up, I was kind of upset with myself.  I've made worse purchases but, I have a habit of buying Marvel comics I don't really need.
     I am quite happy to announce that, even though I am still a little nauseous for adding to an already overwhelming collection, I am pleased with the reading thus far.
    As I said, I never had a great fondness of MTU.  I only have a handful of MTU issues so, I didn't know what to expect from Super-Villains getting together.
     First off, I never considered NAMOR to be a "Super-Villain".  He's portrayed as a jerk sometimes, and other times he is helping the good guys.   So, I've never known quite what to make of him.  With all that being said, the ride that is SVTU is a fun one.
     Issue #3 is actually the 5th in the series.  Before the title launched with #1, there were two large prequels in the form of GIANT-SIZE Super-Villain Team-Up #1 & 2.  
     Those two comics laid the groundwork for the plot that unravels in the first three issues of the ongoing SVTU comic.

     The series starts out with Namor proposing that he and DR. DOOM form an alliance.        
     They end up getting angry with each other, fight, and then part their separate ways.  By issue #1 of the ongoing series DOOM really thinks that forging an alliance is the right way to go.  Namor doesn't trust Doom at all and needs time to think it over.  
     All of the Atlanteans at this point are in a comatose state.  Namore doesn't know how to help his people and decides to stop by HYDROBASE.
     He has no idea that ATTUMA, Dr. Dorcas and TIGERSHARK have the floating island on lock down.  There is an amphibian race inhabiting the island and everyone remains captured except for two: Dr. Jennings and a woman named Betty Dean.  Both of which had formerly been humans but have been transformed into their current amphibian state.  Namor and Betty used to be lovers.
     While poking around on the island, Namor is ambushed by the three villains.  He gets beat up real bad and is then placed in a torture room.
     DOOM, who has been spying on all the goings on through a mechanical camera-fish realizes this is a perfect time to show Namor his worth.
     With the help of Betty's knowledge of the lair, Victor Von Doom breaks in and releases Namor.
     Betty is shot and killed in an ensuing brawl and Namor loses control to a furious rage.

Tamara Rahn bondage torture scene!
     As Namor tries to take on three not so super-villains, Doom ends up smaking him on the head thus knocking him out.
    The doctor's intentions were good however, as it was not a fight Namor was going to win.
     Doom teleports them both to Latveria.  Here, he places Namor in a homemade brine concoction to help him regain his strength.
     When Namor climbs out, he is first action is to kick Doom's butt.  Alas, he realizes that Dr. Doom actually saved his life.
     Doom's overall goal is for both of them to conquer the earth.  Thumbs up to JIM SHOOTER as the next scene is really cool.
     Dr. Doom knows how much revenge can weigh on the heart and decides to come up with a plan that will avenge Betty Dean's death.
     They both go back to Hydrobase where Doom shows off his smarts.
     In his own ship he systematically begins to take out the defenses, creating a perfect diversion for Namor to save the captured people.
     Namor takes care of business while Dorcas, Tigershark and Attuma go to see what all the hubbub is about.

     Doom had an awesome plan and Namor almost blows it for both of them.  Namor was given a powerful gun by Doom.  Subby uses it on the three villains and they all get frozen by the beam emitted.  Stupidly, the Sub-Mariner decides this is no way to win a fight and turns it off.  He then single handedly takes on all three men.
     Dr. Doom's power levels are depleted and he is forced to evacuate his ship.  Unable to fight an encroaching mob, he flees on foot.
     A funny thing happens as SARU-SAN, (Attuma's court jester) begins to taunt Victor Von Doom by call him the TERRIBLE TIN-POT.
     Meanwhile, the tide is turned against Namor as Tigershark lands a punishing blow.  

     Because Namor was too selfish to follow a strategic plan, Doom finds himself underneath the heel of Kor-Konn.  Things look grim as Attuma's men are ready to deliver defeat.
     Doom finds two explosives and devises one more plan.  This one however is far more reckless.
     Thrusting the warheads together, DOOM creates a large explosion, killing all around him.  The only thing saving him is his fine set of armor.
     On the other side of the beach, Namor has been able to rebound and takes out Dr. Dorcas, Attuma and Tigershark.

     Attuma is turned over to his captors and Dr. Doom has one final gesture.
     Although he came up with a clever nickname, Saru-San is dim witted.      
     Fearing for his life he begs Doom not to kill him.
     Like many men, Doom's ego is unable to let the little things go.  Being mocked is one of those "little things".  Doom tells Saru-San he will give him peace.  
     Saru-San is pleased by this.  Doom then asks Saru-San to show him how he defeated Attuma's men.
     Picking up two more warheads, Saru-San cluelessly taps them together.
     A huge explosion bursts forth leaving nothing but a smoking, charred spot where the jester once was.
     Doom's version of peace is much different than most men's.  
     I guess that's what you get for calling a SUPER-VILLAN a terrible tin-pot.
     Seeing this, Namor realizes the alliance he has formed is an uneasy one.
     The issue is somewhat a forgettable one mostly because of Sub-Mariner.  His rogues gallery is not very entertaining.
     Dr. Doom's mind is however, making it a very enjoyable read.

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