I recently got a job at an animation studio.  I really like working there.  This past holiday season I was overwhelmed by the generosity of not only the company but the employees as well.  I received gift cards, and gadgets, and music, and clothes, and chocolate and toys and other great stuff.  Never have I worked in an environment like this.  Thanks Rough Draft!
     Below is personalized art from two very talented individuals and fellow Rough Draft employees.
   Bart loves his toy and Bender appreciates the value of his collectible.
  It's a silly take on the characters and at the same time conveys the thrill of receiving a gift.     Getting a joke across in one panel is very difficult to do.  In this instance Lance Kramer knocked it out of the park.     

Nice work man!

Thank you Lance!  

     This was the outside of a box filled with Chocolate.
  I can't imagine the time it took to adhere this image to close to 100 boxes in addition to all the other hours consumed by regular life.
     Not only is Peter Avanzino a very talented man.  He is funny, and nice, and best of all ...  He really likes Marvel Comics!

Thanks Pete!