The first system in my house was an Atari 2600.  At one point my Dad also bought a Texas Instruments computer.  I used to watch my brother load saved information from a cassette tape so he could play Tunnels of Doom.  After that we upgraded to an IBM and played Ancient Art of War, and NATO, and King's Quest, and Space Quest and Police Quest.  (No Leisure Suit Larry in our home!)
     I was approaching 8th grade or so when the Turbo Grafx 16 came out.  I saved up and bought it with my own money.  I think the thing was like $300 bucks!  Before I was allowed to make such a smart purchase my Dad told me I had to make a list. The list was to consist of the Pros and Cons of owning a video game system.  There were lots of Pros.  If memory serves me correctly there were not many Cons.
     I had a bunch of games for it, but my favorite may have been Splatterhouse.  You were a dude with an evil mask, and got to gruesomely beat down bad guys with weapons.  Yes!  Your character could actually pick stuff up.  Well, it was a big deal back then.  The game was also quite scary because sometimes things like dogs would jump out of nowhere.  Trust me, jumping dogs were super scary back then.  Boy it was fun!  And, what parent wouldn't want their child to assume the role of a vengeful boyfriend with a demon mask, ready to gruesomely bludgeon monsters ...  and dogs.  Thanks Turbo Grafx!


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