This was the last sketch I got at San Diego Comic-Con 2005.  What a beautiful way to finish!
This was the instance where I learned that sometimes it's best to let them draw what they know.
     I waited in line a long time to meet Gabriele.  Probably close to an hour.  I shook his hand and he did not have the firmest of handshakes.  Also, I am quite sure that English is his NOT his first language.
     Being a big fan of the X-men, I asked him if he would draw WOLVERINE.  He asked if it should be 'Secret War Wolverine' from the series he recently did with Brian Bendis.  I said, "Sure".
     For the next 30 minutes or so, we did not speak.  He lowered his head and chiseled away at the paper.  He kept adding more and more detail.  
     Plus, anytime an artist uses his eraser it is always a good thing.  It means he is interested in what he is doing and wants to do a good job.
     He finished the drawing and i was blown away.  Wow, way to go man!
     I have heard he does not make a ton of appearances in the U.S. and I feel very fortunate to have been able to not only meet him, but get a sketch of "SECRET WAR WOLVERINE"!

--Thanks Gabriele Dell'Otto!