Are you kidding me?!  Dave Gibbons is 10 ft away from me and he's doing sketches?  Hurry!
      I quickly scamper over to the line with my friend George.  There's only like five people in front of us.   I am excited!  When I am in line at least 50% of my brain is stressing out about the what character I will ask the person to draw.  
     I have learned that many aspects go into the part where you ask them which character you'd like to see added to your sketchbook.  They may not remember what certain heroes look like and there's a good chance that they've never even drawn them before.
     That was not the case here.  Dave Gibbons drew 'WATCHMEN" and Rorschach is my favorite character.  This one was easy. Having a clear head allowed me to enjoy my surroundings and conversation.  George decided to get a sketch of Dr. Manhattan which turned out very nicely.
     When it was my turn I excitedly asked Mr. Gibbons  if he would draw Rorschach and as you can see he did.  He was a warm fellow, and in a very friendly mood.  Smiling the entire time he answered all of our questions.  Though Dave Gibbons believed that my name was also Dave, Rorschach forever remains skeptical.

--Thanks Dave Gibbons!!!

     Though this is the first page you see upon opening my Con sketchbook, it's not the first sketch I received.  I had the foresight to leave the first page blank, and it's lucky that I did.  (Story to follow in next post)
     Walking around San-Diego comic con was fun.  It was packed with people.  Toys and comics were everywhere and neat promos were being given away left and right.  I had already got a few sketches and was quickly learning the ins and outs of the sketch seeking crowd.
     In the Marvel area, there was a sign stating that Esad Ribic would be signing comics.  More often than not the Marvel reps do not do a good job of letting the fans know if sketches are definitely going to happen.  Waiting in line politely and patiently is the best way to get rewarded.
     After waiting for close to 30+ minutes Esad showed up.  Oh no!  Why is he sitting at that table?  Why are those people allowed to go first?  After some confusion the people waiting including myself were moved to the front of the now large line.  Phew!  And another victory  comes as I realize that he's doing FREE sketches!  
     I really like Esad Ribic.  He did cool art on LOKI and all the covers for 'HOUSE of M'.  Now for the tough decision.  What hero do I ask him to draw?  Can this guy even speak English?  Oh no.  It's my turn.  I approach and lay my sketchbook before him.  I notice quickly that's he is a big dude.  He's Croatian and I imagine him as some sort of warrior due to the size of his large hands.
     I sheepishly asks him if he can draw Spider-Man in his black suit.  He looks at me as if he wants to give me a black eye.  Then, his head tilts down and the magic unfolds.  It was really neat watching him come up with his version of Spidey!  His black marker never seemed to leave the page and I love the negative space he left near the eye and left arm.
     Esad was very nice, generous, and I can never thank him enough for the coolest opening page ever!

Thanks Esad!!!