Here is a classic example of when you need to bring a reference.  San Diego Comic-Con was going great.  I met some of my favorite creators, writers and artists.  I saw some neat gadgets and promos for videos yet to be released.  And, I spent too much money on art prints and cool toys.  The whole time, loving my my new sketchbook!
     While in the Marvel area, I happened across Mike Norton.  He was signing comics and doing sketches.  Sweet!
At the time, Mike was promoting a new character called "GRAVITY".  Sometimes it's best to let these guys draw what they know.  
     Step by step it approached my turn.  I gladly shook Mike's hand and said 'Hello'.  Once again, it's as if I have met the nicest person on the planet.  He was rather large, but not in a fat way.  He wore a goatee and had big hands.  I got this feeling that he was a true fan of comics and was now living out part of a dream job.
     Everything was going great.  Then, I asked him if he'd do a sketch of Iron Man.  "Um ..." he said, and then looked around.  "He's wearing new armor now, isn't he?" said Mike.  Uh ... I don't know.  I think so.
     He began to sketch lightly, stopped, and looked around again.  "Do you have a reference?", he said.  A reference?  You mean, you guys don't have every character ever created devoted to memory?  I didn't even know if that was cool.  Should I bring references?  (Yes you should.  The artisits absolutely do not mind, and often prefer it.  Since this trip , I have brought references but did not really start imploring them until 2010)
     Above us was a wavy banner that had an Iron Man illustration on it.  "There's a pic of him there", I said.  That seemed to help him out, but the final drawing seems kind of ... not right.
     When asked what sketch he'd like, the guy in front of me said, "Gravity!, my good man."  That sketch looked awesome!
This Iron Man has an eggy sort of  head, small eyes, and a weird mouth area.  I actually really like it and the over all experience was truly great.  I cannot thank Mike enough for taking time out of his day and sharing his talent with me.  And look!  He wrote "Thanks" on the sketch to me.  What a nice genuine guy.

--Thanks Mike Norton!!!



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