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     In late 2005 I found myself working at Sony's 'Apple Studios'.  I don't know if that's the official name but, that's what people called it.  It's on Fairfax near Adams near mid-city Los Angeles.
     I was working on a reshoot of a pilot called "10 items or Less".  The show was created by John Lehr and the few weeks I worked on it were some of my fondest.
     When the show finally aired, there was a different cast.  On the pilot, Brian Posehn played the part of a butcher.  I had to try to not laugh all day because the imrpov these guys and gals were doing was so funny!
     I was part of the production staff and spent a lot of time at the office doing whatever tasks were assigned to me.
     Much of the small studio was dedicated to animation.  I LOVE cartoons, but this stuff was for babies.  There was one about some dumb baby cars, and another office was working on some baby cartoon about dumb dragons.
     One day I met a pretty cool dude.  We talked about comics and movies.  He told me we was the Animation Supervisor or something like that on a cartoon.  Oh really?  What cartoon?  BOONDOCKS?!  Here?!  No way?  What's you name man?
     Turns out I had been talking to LeSean Thomas!  He did a comic a few year prior that I really liked called 'ARKANIUM'.  It had a Graffiti/Anime style that I liked.  It was way different that anything at Marvel or DC.
     Learning this, I immediately got selfish!  How can I get this guy to do a sketch for me.  (Not really, but kind of.)
I talked to him from time to time and I told him about this sketchbook and that I would be honored if he would draw something in it.
     He asked me what I would like and I said, "Anything!".  However, it wasn't as simple as that.  Boondocks had a small staff and they worked long hours every day.  Finding time for him to do it would be difficult.  More difficult was that he was holding onto my sketchbook.  I trusted him but, part of me wondered if I would ever get it back.
     Working in T.V./Film in Los Angeles can be crazy.  One day people will be gone or shows disappear, or you get sent to Miami for two weeks out of the blue.
     My last day on "10 Items" was approaching and I had not got my book back.  I apologized for being rude but, asked LeSean that, if you can do something, great, but if not, I would like to grab my book on Friday.
       The next day I came to work he gave me my sketch book but something was new.  There was a sketch of the GNARLIEST Wolverine I have ever seen!  Contorted in his body and face I absolutely love this Wolverine.
     LeSean was a super-cool dude and I have nothing but respect for him.  it was awesome that he took the time to draw this for a total stranger.

Thanks LeSean!!!