Wizard World is coming to Los Angeles?  Sweet!  Too bad it would only last a few years.  It took place at the LA convention center near the Staples Center and ran from 2005 to 2008.  The 2009 Wizard World LA was postponed and later moved to Anaheim.  Are you kiddin' me?  
     Are those chumps going to call it the Los Angeles Wizard World of Anaheim?  I'm sick of them offering better deals to come to their nice, quiet beautiful town.
     L.A. wants its NFL and Wizard Cons back!  You hear me world?  (Crud, now I'm angry ...)
     I think the first day I took the 10 to get downtown.  Big traffic mistake.  By the time I finished my coffee and parked I was ready to get in there.  It's kind of quiet outside the large convention hall, but inside the lights are bright and people are bustling.
     I don't remember the events leading to it but, the next thing I know I am in the TOP COW/ASPEN area.   Top Cow and Aspen are comic publisher s and their artists were doing sketches.  (I think they were right next to each other.  Super foggy.)
     I remember seeing Michael Turner.  I never met him but, just watching him talk to people was interesting.  He seemed to have a glow.  People flocked to his kindness and his untimely death is one of modern comics saddest tales.
     All those guys were awesome.  The writers were talking and signing stuff.  I was hanging near the artists trying to get sketches.
     I don't remember much for some reason as it was early and I think all my senses were taking things in.  Marcus looked young and was very polite.  He kept his head down and diligently worked away at my Captain America request.
     The sketch turned out beautiful.  The pencils are tight.  The lines look delicate and graceful.  Cap looks quite noble.  I love it!
---Thanks Marcus!!!!