My goal was not to repeat any artists whatsoever.  However, that was broken when I got this sketch.  If you saw Page 2, you remember the nightmare that Dave mack left in my book.  
     Marvel Knights Daredevil was my favorite book at the time and it's what I hoped Dave would draw the previous year.
     There was about 30 minutes until the day was over and I saw David Mack.  Instead of just asking for a sketch, this time I had a plan.
     "Hi Mr. Mack, any chance you can do a sketch for me of ... DAREDEVIL?"
     He took my book and with a brush containing red ink created this mini-masterpiece.  It's pretty cool.  And, it was a sweet way to end my time at WIZARD WORLD LOS ANGELES 2006.  
     Avoiding the freeways, I took Venice Blvd all the to west L.A. from downtown.  
    Though tired, I was gleaming with excitement and could not wait to get home and look at all the wonderful things I was given by the coolest professionals of any industry.
Thanks David Mack!