This is quite possibly the most annoying sketch in my book.  When I turn the page and see it, I stare at it for a few seconds, shrug, and quickly see what is next.
     Howard was sitting at a table by himself and I noticed he was doing sketches.  I approached him and asked if he would contribute to my book.  He said, "Sure".  But, before I could let him know which MARVEL superhero I would like he said that he was only doing caricatures.  Meh.
     I think I tried to push the issue of drawing a hero to which he politely said, "Nope, I am only doing caricatures."
  Aww, what the heck.
     It didn't take him too long to draw this sketch of me.  Part of me regrets it.  Part of me loves that Howard Shum drew something for me.
     Here's the problem.  I DO NOT HAVE A BUBBLE MULLET!
After he promoted his website on the bottom I walked away hungering for a sketch of a superhero.  I could not have this be the last sketch of the day!
Thanks Howard!  

(Kidding aside, I really do appreciate your time.)