Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen 2006
     Walking through the twists and turns of aisles, I came upon Erik Larsen.  He was doing sketches of Savage Dragon.
     I asked him if he was drawing anything other than Savage Dragon as I wasn't too familiar with that character.
     He said, "No but, if I was, what would you ask me for?"
     I drew a blank.  I remember my friend telling me  that he drew Spider-Man in the 90's.
     I said, "Spider-Man" excitedly, as if I was a fan of his run.  He gave me a look that said, "Ugh.  So predictable.  Here's your Savage Dragon.  get outta here."
     (He was very nice and in no way do I intend to portray him like a jerk.  It was just a vibe I got from a look.)
     This sketch is awesome and feels historic to me.
Thanks Erik Larsen