Wow!  This is amazing.  I stare at this for long periods of time when I have the chance.
     My friend George recognized and pointed out Phillip Tan.  He wasn't in Artists Alley.  No, he was chilling by himself at a random booth.  His was using a drawing tablet and sketching in the computer.
     I introduced myself and told him I was a big fan.  He was super nice and did not refuse when I asked him to do a sketch for me.
     He said sure and told me to come back later.  
     A lot of these guys will crank out a sketch in a few minutes.  So, I waited impatiently around the corner for about 10 minutes and came back.
     He was engrossed and said to give him more time.  Really?  What could he be doing that would take longer than 10 minutes?!
     I walked around and every once in a while I would spy on him to see if he was done.  It's been about a half hour now and he's still going.  Hmmm.
     After about 45 minutes I stopped by again and he was done.  Smiling, he gave me my book and said "Thanks".  
   No, Thank you, man!
Whoa!  When I looked at the sketch I could not believe it.  Absolutely amazing.  
     Spawn, engrossed in shadow, clutching the edge of a skyscraper, peering down upon the city below.  His cloak and chains dangle and lurk as debris falls due to the power of his grip on the ledge.  Phillip really went out of his way for a punk fan whom he did not know.  I have nothing but gratitude and respect for this fine artist.
Thanks Phillip!  Thank you forever!