Omega Red by Sean Chen 2006
     This is how you do it.  Omega Red is shooting a tentacle at the viewer.  He looks angry and ready to mess with anyone who gets in his way.
     Sean Chen was in the same area as Buzz, and Bernard Chang.  He was very nice and super professional.
     This sketch was commissioned as well.  After I asked him to do Omega Red, he paused for a moment to think about what he looked like.
     He drew this from memory with no references.
It's a great drawing of a fierce OMEGA RED.
Thanks Sean Chen!!!

     This sketch was a commission sketch.  Bernard Chang did an awesome sketch of Deadpool for my buddy.  He pointed out Bernard and I asked if he could draw Colossus.  He said yes, but seemed unsure about it.  
     I walked away for a bit and came back about 45 minutes later, giving him time to do his thing.
      I returned, and it was done.  He handed it to me and I remember thinking it was okay.  He didn't seem as he loved it either.
     There is nothing bad about it and now I blame myself.  Colossus is hard to draw and doesn't have a lot of distinguishing features.  
     I love Colossus and I really like the sketch.  It just doesn't jump out like some of the others do.  I hate to be a downer but, it's how i feel.
Thanks Bernard!

     This is definitely one of the more threatening sketches in my book.  I think I was near a Marvel booth when I got this but, I can't remember.
     I talked to Jon Malin and he was a cool dude.  He did this sketch upon request straight out of his memory.  No reference.
     This is one of the only sketches that fills up the entire page.  I can't thank Jon enough for the kindness he expressed by drawing this awesome villain.
Thanks Jon Malin!

     I got this immediately after the Captain America sketch.  
     I think Don Ho is predominantly an inker.  At least, he was inking Marcus To at the time.
     Obviously, he has great talent with a  pencil as well as ... whatever artists ink comics with these days.
     Traditionally one would use a fine brush and india ink but, today there are many alternate methods.
     Don Ho, like the rest of the Top Cow/Aspen crew was super nice and super cool.
     I remember wanting to get more female sketches to balance out my sketchbook.
     Don Ho kindly drew this sketch of Rogue upon request.
     You can see the house style in her eyes and mouth.  Don't look too long, cause she can drain your powers here too!

Thank you Don Ho!!!