This is definitely one of the more threatening sketches in my book.  I think I was near a Marvel booth when I got this but, I can't remember.
     I talked to Jon Malin and he was a cool dude.  He did this sketch upon request straight out of his memory.  No reference.
     This is one of the only sketches that fills up the entire page.  I can't thank Jon enough for the kindness he expressed by drawing this awesome villain.
Thanks Jon Malin!



Yeah sure this sketch is really threatening and if this is threatening then your book will be more threatening. Jon is a good painter and I really want to admire him for this terrific job.

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07/18/2017 18:13

One of the reasons why I love visiting this blog is because artists here are all great and the drawings I see here are worth looking at. Jon Malin is just one of the many artists who have a bright future ahead of him in this industry. His drawing right now posted above might not be as striking as what is expected from him, but I know it will get better and better one day!


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