I misplaced the artists name ...  story soon to follow

     The prospect of getting original art in my sketchbook was still very new to me.  I wandered 'Artist's Alley' meeting as many people as I could.
     I met this guy named Tom Hodges and I noticed his credentials included working on many STAR WARS projects.
     I commissioned this sketch of Darth Vader.  I love it that he added the light saber.  The reflections on the helmet are sweet!  He's one of the toughest villains and I have him captured here, in my book.
Thanks Tom!

     This is quite possibly the most annoying page in my book ...  It's become an autograph page.
     I saw Tim Bradstreet a few times.  I really wanted to try and ge a sketch from him.  His Punisher covers were HUGE at the time.  I was a huge fan.  I don't love the slick hair Steven Segal type Punisher, but I like Bradstreet's style a lot
    He was mobbed and could't do a sketch but instead wrote his name and drew a little Punisher skull.  I vowed that one day I would get him do do a Punisher sketch and somehow incorporate the little skull.  never happened ...
     Cut to: Sand Diego 2010
Brian Bendis and Olivier Coipel are doing a signing.  I stood in line for 2 hrs hoping to get a sketch and Olivier Coipel wouldn't.  I understand him not doing it but, I was mad at Marvel.
     DC is very good at cons by letting the fans know what's going on.  They will let you know who is sketching or signing with signs and polite employees.
     Marvel's meet and greet are poorly organized.   They think everyone is interested in the movie props but that stuff is lame.  Marvel needs to do a better job of letting the fans know if the artist is doing sketches.
     The other autograph is Kurt Busiek.  I thought he was someone else and got red faced when he said he doesn't draw.  I had him sign this page.  I may add more signatures to it in the future.  I don't know.  A very forgettable page.

Sketch by Benjamin Ilka
     This was from another guy who was doing his own thing.  His comic was called A Boy and His Shadow and is published by Mad Sea Dog.
     I bought his comic and he did a sketch of the main character for me.
Thanks Benjamin Ilka!

     I respect DC in some ways as a company but, for the most part i don't like them.  It's completely irrational and it all comes down to; I don't like the characters that much nor any of the stories.
     In the 60's when Marvel was shaping their universe and writing new types of super hero stories DC cranked out ridiculous stories.
     Batman wearing Zebra suits.  SuperBaby and Wonder Tot calling the shots.  It absolutely drives me nuts.  Superman from 1960-1980 has no personalty and a hero that can do everything is ... Super-Boring!
     That being said, I love "Batman: the Animates Series" and "Justice League: Unlimited" and a lot of their cartoons.
     So I don't fully hate them.  Hey, ... I bought that DC Encyclopedia that just came out and I like that too!
     This guy named Buzz who didn't talk much was in 'Artist's Alley' and did this nice gestural sketch of BATMAN.
Thanks Buzz!

Rabid Animal by Mike hersh
     I found myself wandering the aisles of Wizard World 2006.  This guy named Mike Hersh was selling his comics.
     I really like dudes who do their own thing and publish there own stuff.  His comic was called "Rabid Animal Comix" or something like that.
     It's a mix of 1980s film delinquency, 1940s Funny Animal comics, 1970s R. Crumb.  He was nice a wore a cool black leather jacket.  Just like that rabbit!
     I bought two or three of his comics and still enjoy them.  He did this humorous sketch of some of his Rabid Animals.  I appreciated his time and love this drawing.
Thanks Mike

     I got this immediately after the Captain America sketch.  
     I think Don Ho is predominantly an inker.  At least, he was inking Marcus To at the time.
     Obviously, he has great talent with a  pencil as well as ... whatever artists ink comics with these days.
     Traditionally one would use a fine brush and india ink but, today there are many alternate methods.
     Don Ho, like the rest of the Top Cow/Aspen crew was super nice and super cool.
     I remember wanting to get more female sketches to balance out my sketchbook.
     Don Ho kindly drew this sketch of Rogue upon request.
     You can see the house style in her eyes and mouth.  Don't look too long, cause she can drain your powers here too!

Thank you Don Ho!!!

     Wizard World is coming to Los Angeles?  Sweet!  Too bad it would only last a few years.  It took place at the LA convention center near the Staples Center and ran from 2005 to 2008.  The 2009 Wizard World LA was postponed and later moved to Anaheim.  Are you kiddin' me?  
     Are those chumps going to call it the Los Angeles Wizard World of Anaheim?  I'm sick of them offering better deals to come to their nice, quiet beautiful town.
     L.A. wants its NFL and Wizard Cons back!  You hear me world?  (Crud, now I'm angry ...)
     I think the first day I took the 10 to get downtown.  Big traffic mistake.  By the time I finished my coffee and parked I was ready to get in there.  It's kind of quiet outside the large convention hall, but inside the lights are bright and people are bustling.
     I don't remember the events leading to it but, the next thing I know I am in the TOP COW/ASPEN area.   Top Cow and Aspen are comic publisher s and their artists were doing sketches.  (I think they were right next to each other.  Super foggy.)
     I remember seeing Michael Turner.  I never met him but, just watching him talk to people was interesting.  He seemed to have a glow.  People flocked to his kindness and his untimely death is one of modern comics saddest tales.
     All those guys were awesome.  The writers were talking and signing stuff.  I was hanging near the artists trying to get sketches.
     I don't remember much for some reason as it was early and I think all my senses were taking things in.  Marcus looked young and was very polite.  He kept his head down and diligently worked away at my Captain America request.
     The sketch turned out beautiful.  The pencils are tight.  The lines look delicate and graceful.  Cap looks quite noble.  I love it!
---Thanks Marcus!!!!